Only a strong, proac­tively orga­nized purcha­sing depart­ment is able to with­stand / cope with the incre­asing comple­xity of procu­re­ment goods and processes in the vola­tile global envi­ron­ment. The possi­bi­li­ties of digi­ta­liza­tion and elec­tronic procu­re­ment help compa­nies to increase effi­ci­ency in purcha­sing in a timely manner.

IFE and its part­ners would like to support you in using indi­vi­dual poten­tials of digi­ta­liza­tion situa­tio­nally and in deve­lo­ping custom-fit solu­tions to support Purcha­sing 4.0 in your company.

The IFE digi­tiza­tion approach is intended to faci­li­tate the selec­tion of effec­tive and effi­cient measures in the area of digi­tiza­tion and BIG Data. These focus in parallel on two areas — the direct area, for example by chan­ging direct mate­rials (produc­tion mate­rials), and the indi­rect area, for example by chan­ging the process land­scape through digital systems (invoice and order management).

In the search for the grea­test possible benefit for custo­mers and part­ners, IFE compares solu­tions and provi­ders in the area of e‑procurement and tracks down new tech­no­lo­gical trends and digi­tiza­tion innovations.

Rele­vant aspects

  • Processes effec­tive and efficient
  • Big Data
  • Catalog Manage­ment
  • Flexi­bi­liza­tion and standardization
  • Inter­ac­tive and traceable data exchange
  • Status moni­to­ring of suppliers and topics
  • Order confir­ma­tion and invoice management
  • Purchase 2 pay
  • Market provi­ders and opportunities
  • Trends

Current trai­nings on the topic of digi­ta­liza­tion & e‑procurement

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