Invest­ment decis­ions in the area of indi­rect procu­re­ment, such as IT services, hard­ware, produc­tion machi­nery or opera­ting resources, account for a signi­fi­cant propor­tion of purcha­sing in many compa­nies. On the one hand, such goods and services are not directly incor­po­rated into the products; on the other hand, they are often expen­sive goods. In order to ensure an appro­priate rela­ti­onship between acqui­si­tion and main­ten­ance costs as well as quality, exten­sive analyses may be neces­sary — espe­ci­ally if compa­ra­bi­lity is low.


Give the orga­niza­tion of indi­rect purcha­sing the importance it deserves and improve the effi­ci­ency and compe­ti­ti­ve­ness of your company in the long term. The IFE would like to support you with its partners!

We provide industry-neutral concepts and methods to help you choose the right invest­ment solu­tion and thus the right partner. The basic requi­re­ment is the defi­ni­tion of a correct speci­fi­ca­tion as well as clear perfor­mance para­me­ters in connec­tion with the neces­sary cost and contract requi­re­ments. We offer solu­tion approa­ches and best prac­tices for the successful and sustainable imple­men­ta­tion of invest­ment efforts in the machi­nery and equip­ment sector as well as spend manage­ment concepts in the classic auxi­liary and opera­ting resources sector.

Rele­vant aspects

  • CAPEX (plant and machi­nery investment)
  • Metho­dical approach from speci­fi­ca­tions to warranty and service
  • Estab­lish neutra­lity and comparability
  • Stake­hol­der­ma­nage­ment intern/extern
  • Procu­re­ment of auxi­liary mate­rials and supplies
  • Market condi­tions and changes
  • General contractor as supplier
  • Perfor­mance-related accep­tance criteria

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