A respon­sible approach to legal regu­la­tions and circum­s­tances is the basic prere­qui­site for successful coope­ra­tion with suppliers and busi­ness partners.

Gain a compre­hen­sive under­stan­ding of legal contexts with the support of IFE’s part­ners so that you can act safely in the inte­rests of your company. We faci­li­tate your access to rele­vant infor­ma­tion and legal knowledge.

Our services include, in parti­cular, recom­men­da­tions on the draf­ting of legally secure contracts as well as their conclu­sion and execu­tion, taking into account formal requi­re­ments, any rights of with­drawal and contrac­tual penal­ties. The focus is on all rele­vant para­me­ters that influence or ensure the required vali­dity and secu­rity in terms of warranty, guarantee and liability.

Rele­vant aspects

  • Public procu­re­ment law
  • Get contract stan­dards and clauses right
  • Simple and effec­tive contracts
  • Changes in commer­cial law
  • Law in a global context
  • Compli­ance and safe dealings with suppliers
  • Liabi­lity, warranty, guarantee

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