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Indi­rect purchasing


Investment decisions in the area of indirect procurement, such as IT services, hardware, production machinery or operating resources, account for a significant proportion of purchasing in many companies. On the one hand, such goods and services are not directly incorporated into the products; on the other hand, they are often expensive goods. In order [...]

Stra­tegic Purchasing


Procurement tasks and decisions that go beyond day-to-day business are the focus of strategic purchasing. Its task is to give procurement activities a fundamental direction. In this sense, the company's internal purchasing strategy serves in particular to guarantee the supply chain and to positively influence the value creation process. Procurement tasks [...]

Procu­re­ment control­ling and risk management


Purchasing controlling is one of the cornerstones of a company's economic success. Its core task is to plan, manage and control the corporate function of procurement. In the course of quality and risk management, it is important to identify opportunities and risks within the purchasing process and to utilize or contain them. [...]

Digi­tiza­tion and e‑procurement


Only a strong, proactively organized purchasing department is able to withstand / cope with the increasing complexity of procurement goods and processes in the volatile global environment. The possibilities of digitalization and electronic procurement help companies to increase efficiency in purchasing in a timely manner. IFE and its partners would like [...]

Legal & Compli­ance in Purchasing


A responsible approach to legal regulations and circumstances is the basic prerequisite for successful cooperation with suppliers and business partners. Gain a comprehensive understanding of legal contexts with the support of IFE's partners so that you can act safely in the interests of your company. We facilitate your access to relevant [...]

Opera­tional purchasing


Operational purchasing focuses on the classic functions of purchasing in day-to-day business: routine ordering and payment processes, goods inspection, inventory management, returns and complaints, deadline tracking. The demand on operational purchasing is in particular to ensure the availability of production materials, materials or even machines. Together with the partners of the [...]

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